Carol bove and john chamerlain: converse


An exhibition by SFMOMA that places Carol Bove’s and John Chamberlain’s sculptures in conversations with one on another. What happens visually when you position one shape or object next to another? What sense of movement, dynamism, or volume is produced? What ideas or associations are brought to mind?


exhibition design

Carol Bove and John Chamberlain are both noted for exploring the effects of juxtaposition through collaged sculptures of salvaged and crushed metal. Chamberlain favored volumes that swirl with motion and stretch into space and color, embracing folds and rearranging scrapyard metal into each other. By contrast, Bove’s takes similar crushed parts and breaks them with her own uncanny flashes of color, slick black disks, and oddly soft ribbons of compacted steel. Her works emphasize the potential of juxtaposition to produce complexity, difference, uncertainty, or even gaps in understanding. To read more about the artists, visit SFMOMAs website.

For the title wall, I took up as much space as budget allowed (96” x 60”). I wanted the names to be weighted as heavily as the works and read as one without pause. Since the text is bulky it was able to hold a lot of color, which I chose based on the artist’s works and where they overlap (“converse”).

Bosco Hernandez (creative director), Jody Hanson (senior designer), Sarah Roberts (curator), printing and installation by JHD