Microsoft Design

Microsoft design


Keep it Simple, Make it Personal, Think Universal, Create Delight

A pitch for Microsoft's new design language landing page. The style and focus was to portray a human centered voice while designing mindfully.



Microsoft was never known to design with the user in mind, so when they were about to release their new design language they needed to let the world know they were serious. The biggest hurdle was changing the conversation from not caring about design to caring. What does that mean to Microsoft? How did these aesthetics come about? Why now? How can they back up those decisions? What changed?


Design simply. The page starts with an introduction to Microsoft Design and breaks down their design rules element by element. First the grid is exposed, then type is explored and color is adjusted, what makes a sound and what doesn’t. Each element was built upon itself so the user learned how the system works as a whole and separately and ultimately showcased how much thought went into these decisions and changes.