Winds of Change

Winds of Change


More than a hundred students, professors and professionals from different countries of the world have considered the topic "Global culture - new ways of living together" in the kreatiffabrik differdange. I worked with three Polish students to create a 4ft. giant paper cube to demonstrate the way one movement trickles into another, how small choices can turn into big turns, that we're all connected near and far.



The installation “Wind of Change” creates a fluid movement between concrete spaces just as immigration finds a similar movement within a country. The interaction between newcomers and natives is mimicked as elements begin to transform each other on the frame. These curved and graceful shapes reflect how surroundings adapt to new incoming cultures. As people travel in and out of countries, the culture gap becomes smaller and smaller, just as the spaces between the paper grow smaller. When these elements from different cultures are brought together we become a source of change, and these small, continuous movements give lasting changes to a country enabling it to discover new paths for generations to come.  


“Wind of changes” jest przedstawieniem zmian zachodzacych w obrebie danych panstw. Plynny ruch abstrakcyjnych ksztaltow i przestrzeni bezposrednio odnosi sie do sytuacji kiedy imigranci przybywaja i wplywaja na cala strukture spoleczna. Zmieniajace sie wzory obrazuja jak otoczenie adaptuje nowe elementy kultury i zmienia sie pod ich wplywem. Zmiany te narastaja i kumuluja sie, dystans miedzykulturowy zmniejsza sie otwierajac nowe sciezki dla przyszlych pokolen.